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EdD in Adult Education and Human Resource Development

The doctoral program (EdD) in Adult Education and Human Resource Development prepares advanced professionals to facilitate individual, organizational, and career development and advancement of adults in the nation and the world. Two cognate options are available within the doctoral program in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. The first option is an open cognate custom designed to meet the student’s research needs on a dissertation topic. The second option is a directed cognate in one of six areas: (1) International and Intercultural Education, (2) Labor Studies, (3) Urban Education, (4) Entrepreneurship, (5) Hospitality and Tourism Management, and (6) Recreation and Sport Management. The directed cognate is a good option for students who want to focus their dissertation topic in one of these areas. 

Participants in the Adult Education and Human Resource Development doctoral program come from diverse backgrounds: business and industry; higher education; public and proprietary schools; allied health and social services agencies; law enforcement and corrections; the military, government, and non-governmental agencies; religious organizations; libraries and museums; and civic and professional associations. Applications for admission to the doctoral program are invited from individuals who are highly motivated and intellectually capable of meeting the challenges of a rigorous doctoral degree program.

Program Director: Daniel Saunders

Career Outlook

  • Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher
  • College Lecturer, Instructor or Professor
  • Human Resources Training Specialist and Manager
  • Instructional Designer
  • Employee Development Specialist
  • Project Manager